Get TV, Internet and Phone in Germany

How do I get digital TV, broadband internet and a phone connection in Germany?

If you’re wondering how to install internet into your home in Germany, get TV programmes and a landline phone number, then you have found the right place.

Below we have put together the most popular TV, internet and phone bundles for newcomers in Germany. Whether you just want to have internet and TV, or only a landline phone connection – you will find a bundle that suits your circumstances.

We have received the best feedback from expats who ordered Telekom bundles. For this reason we are showing you Telekom products here. So just click on your preferred option below and order your TV, internet and phone in Germany online. Please note that the Telekom website is still only available in German. For this reason we have translated some parts of the plan details for you, as you can see below.

Why do we not show other providers? The reason for this is that we have received multiple complaints about cheap alternative telecommunications providers which have taken weeks to install broadband internet for customers, had hidden fees, and could not speak any English. This is not to say that there are some great alternatives out there. Our selection is just based on the personal views of expats in Germany.

Digital TV, Internet and Phone

Specials: 10% online discount

√ Internet Flat
√ Landline Phone – HD voice quality
√ TV and access to about 35,000 films / TV series

Internet and Phone

Specials: 10% online discount 

√ Internet
√ Landline Phone – HD voice quality