Study in Germany – Get a Blocked Bank Account

In Germany, there are limited options to get a blocked bank account for a foreign student. However, all student outside of the European Union has to get one before the studies begin.
The first option is to open it at Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is known as one of the most famous and safe banks in Germany. This is the only bank where you can apply for a blocked account If you are under 18 years old. You can send an application for a blocked account, while you are still in your home country. If your application is approved, you can apply for the visa at your local embassy.

Another option is to apply for a student blocked bank account via service called Fintiba. This service helps you to open a blocked bank account in Germany and guide you through the steps online. You can also use it if you need an official document for the embassy confirming that you already have a blocked account before moving to Germany. It saves your time as you don’t have to wait long for the account validation.

Both options have own benefits. Find out more about the differences between opening a blocked bank account at Deutsche Bank and through Fintiba service and get the best option for your situation.

X-PatrioDeutsche Bank
Languagesenglish germanenglish german
Accepted & approved by German Federal Foreign Office for obtaining a German visa
Open account onlinex
Receive official confirmationwithin 24 hrsup to 4 weeks
Support visa email, telephone
Deutsche Einlagensicherung bis 100.000€ je Kunde
One-off set-up / monthly fee49 € / 5 €150 €