Learn German in Berlin

The best Methods and Schools

If you just moved to Germany, you have probably realized that almost everyone speaks English. Cool! However, you may also have realized that almost every job application states ‘good German skills required’. Well… not so cool.

A good piece of advice to all newcomers is: start learning German in Berlin right away.

You will need to know at least basic German (B1/B2) in order to apply to most jobs. It is true that there are many international start-ups.

However, it is also a fact that most of the local economy is based on small enterprises that require German (and English) skills.

Even if you are looking for a part-time low paid job, most of the time you will need good German skills.

In any case, knowing German is a huge plus and will also help you getting to know the ‘real Germany’ and its culture.

1) Learn German at Volkshochschule

When you ask about a German course in Germany, the first answer in 90% of the cases will be…the Volkshochschule (people’s university). The Volkshochschule is a public institution and state-funded. For this reason it is the cheapest way to learn German in Berlin.

PRO: cheap
CONS: Classes with many people (around 20 per class)
Price:  cheap
Where: all over Germany

Website: https://www.berlin.de/vhs/

2) Goethe Institute: The efficient way to learn German

It is one of the most popular schools in Germany. They have courses that are designed for all levels, from beginners to advanced learners. In addition, they arrange accommodation for the duration of your stay upon request.

PRO: Goethe Institute is known all over the world – a Goethe certificate looks good on CV, intense classes help you get B2 certificate quickly
CONS: quality comes with a price…
Price: 1294 Euros / 100 teaching hours
Where: the language schools are all over the world. There is also an online course with personal tutor available.

If you want to stay flexible, why not sign up with the Goethe online course? Guaranteed success. Get your B2 certificate now!

3) Babylon School: the alternative one

Would you like to learn German language in an alternative and stimulating environment? Babylonia is the place for you. It was founded in 1980 in a then-squatted factory in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

PRO: learning German in an atypical environment
CONS: Long waiting list (I booked three months in advance)
Price: 180 Euros per module
Where: Kreuzberg –Berlin

Website:  http://www.babylonia.de

4) Use Babbel – Learn German the fun way!

Babbel is an app which was funded by the European Commission. Whether you believe it or not. With this app, learning German is actually fun. You may find yourself smiling while using it.

Babbel is particularly great, if you want to enrich your German vocab.

It provides simple explanations for complex grammar rules. Step by step.

All in all, it is a great addition to your language course.

You should not rely on Babbel alone to teach you German, of course.

Learn German online. Easy. Fun. Simple.

5) Deutsche Akademie: The well-located school

They offer qualified German teachers, they have a branch in Alexanderplatz, and they have classes of 5 – 10 people. It’s an intimate atmosphere – ideal for learning German in Berlin.

PRO: well-located in the city center
CONS: Long waiting list
Price: 205 Euros per module
Where: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich

Website:  www.deutschakademie.de/berlin

6) Transmitter: The charming school

Transmitter is one small school in Neukolln run by two high-qualified teachers. You can learn German in small group lessons as well as evening social meetings.

PRO: Cozy atmosphere and well-prepared teachers
CONS: Neukölln district, not close to the city center
Price: 175 Euros per module
Where: Neukölln, Berlin

Website: http://transmitter-berlin.de/

7) Sprachatelier: The social school

Sprachenatelier was founded in 2003 as both a school and a salon, as an institute where language learning is enhanced by cultural events. This is a great way to learn German in Berlin through its culture!

PRO: Several Social Activities
Price: 340 Euros  /4 weeks 
Where: Berlin

Website: https://www.sprachenatelier-berlin.de/en 

8) Deutsch Fur Dich: a different way of learning a language

It is an independent project that gathers people using the ‘open classes’ formula. The classes are open for everyone that wants to learn German in Berlin. People usually meet in a public space such us a bar, pub and they arrange their meetings through Facebook.

PRO: cheap
CONS: once per week
Price: free, optional donation per lesson
Where: Berlin

Website: www.inyourpocket.com

9) Learn German for free: Language Exchange

You can also try finding someone who wants to learn your language in exchange for you learning his/ hers. This is a good way to meet new people and saves money. There’s a weekly expat event in Berlin-Mitte where you can practise your German. You can also check out meetup.com which is a great website for finding like-minded people to hang out and practise German with!

PRO: cool people, nice atmosphere
CONS: once per week
Price: free
Where: Berlin-Mitte, near Alexanderplatz

Website: Facebook Group +Expats in Berlin+

10) Language Tandem

You can search for tandem event on Meetup.com, Scrabbin or Facebook groups etc. There you may not always have the best teacher, but it’s free! This is a cheap way to learn German in Berlin!

PRO: it’s free
CONS: not a professional teacher
Price: free!
Where: Usually you meet in cafes in Berlin

Website: www.tandem-berlin.de


…whatever your learning preference, learning German in Berlin will open your mind and your life.

We are always looking to update our blog and find new innovative ways of learning German. If you have had experience with any of the language schools that we describe in this blog – write to us!

Thank for all your feedback! Please keep it coming!

How did you learn German in Berlin?

Of course, we take into account that your experience depends on the individual teacher. And sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes unlucky. The more feedback we get, the better. Only then can we provide a realistic evaluation of the best places to learn German :-)

Viel Glück! Best of success!

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