Insurances in Germany

In Germany you can insure (almost) everything and that is often very practical. We would like to explain here what is meant by household insurance, motor vehicle insurance, legal protection insurance and private liability insurance and when you might need it. In addition, we also clarify the types of health insurance in Germany. Which one is suitable for you: the statutory, the private or the international health insurance. You will find all this in this section. Have fun reading.

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International Private Health Insurance

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The statutory health insurance in Germany at a glance

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Legal expenses insurance in Germany – superfluous or valuable?

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Private liability insurance Germany

Private liability insurance Germany: An absolute must for everyone!

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KFZ Versicherung deutschland

Motor vehicle insurance Germany: mandatory for all owners of motor vehicles

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Homeowner's insurance Germany

Homeowner’s Insurance in Germany

Insuring the contents of your Home in Germany: It depends…