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International Private Health Insurance

International Private Medical Insurance in Germany – IPMI

Are you planning to live abroad? It would help if you thought about health insurance options to ensure your medical needs are covered.

International health insurance can be your lifeline if something happens while you are out of your home country in case you need medical treatment. Many countries require an insurance plan to get a visa (if you need one), and you’ll need to show proof of adequate health coverage.

Such global medical insurance plans are ideal for expatriates, nomads, and international citizens abroad each year for most of their time.

What is International Health Insurance?

Worldwide coverage of healthcare for individuals or families living abroad for at least a year or longer is the main advantage of International Health Insurance. Coverage usually includes inpatient, outpatient, evacuation, dental care, vision treatment, and you can select further benefits. Global health insurance plans are typically renewable annually or expire at set termination date.

The most significant advantage of global health insurance is obtaining the option of receiving health care wherever you are. This way, you reap the benefit of being covered abroad and in your home country.

Having an international health insurance plan gives you the advantage of choosing a hospital or doctor if you need medical attention. Additionally, with worldwide medical insurance, you can choose a private hospital over a public one and receive better healthcare.

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Please take your time to compare and review international health insurance plans. International healthcare plans may offer additional benefits. Certain benefits are included in the base plan, while some are optional add-ons that increase your monthly fees.

Finding the best insurer can be challenging, as each plan they offer is different. Your aim should be to find the best fit for your needs within your price range. To narrow down your search, start with an established international health insurance company with a strong presence in the country where you will be living and your home country.

Highly customizable plans allow you to choose what you require in the policy. Some international medical insurance plans are comprehensive but enable you to adjust certain advantages, and deductible amounts can lower your costs.

The international health insurance cost plays a significant role in selecting an insurance provider. You may be tempted to choose the cheapest option with a tight budget. However,  picking one that will cover all your medical needs if you need help will help you sleep at night.

Visum Travel Insurance

When visiting Europe, travelers should be able to handle and financially cover medical services in case of an accident, injury, or any other sudden event. To take care of unexpected expenses that arise while traveling, having travel insurance has been proven to help travelers with financial support and comfort to continue their travel journey without worries.

Even though travel health insurance is worth having for all travelers to Europe, not everyone is required to have it. A travel insurance policy is mandatory only for travelers who need to apply for a Schengen visa. This group of travelers is always necessary to have the coverage required for the entire period of their stay in Europe, regardless of whether they go there for business, tourism, studying, holidays, or other reasons.

Care Concept – Care Visa Protect

International Health Insurance for Private and Short Business Trips

Who can claim on the insurance?

Care Visa Protect international health insurance is tailored to the needs of foreign guests and visitors entering the European Union (EU) and Schengen countries with a visa. The international health insurance can be taken out before the age of 75 for a maximum period of 92 days.

What are the insurance benefits?

The benefits include outpatient, inpatient and dental treatment at the usual local rates by all licensed physicians worldwide. The insurance meets all the requirements for Schengen visas set out in Regulation (EC) No. 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of July 13, 2009. Care Visa Protect international health insurance protects the traveler against most financial risks associated with a formal commitment. By combining it with Care Concept’s accident/liability insurance, the residual risk of the commitment is significantly reduced.

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More Information

The benefits cover outpatient, inpatient, and dental treatment by all licensed physicians worldwide at the regular local fees. The provided insurance cover complies with all the requirements for a Schengen-Visa made by Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union by 07/13/2009. Care Visa Protect international health insurance also covers the host, in particular, against most financial risks of a formal obligation (Verpflichtungserklärung). A combination with Care Protector’s accident/liability policy reduces the remaining threat to a minimum.

How it works:

You can take out your international policy directly online and, after your application has been checked and approved, will receive an immediate confirmation per e-mail within a few minutes, including all the documents you need for your visa application.

In addition to international health insurance, we also recommend that you take out a “Care Protector” accident and liability policy.

√ Complies with all the requirements for a Schengen visa

√ Outpatient, inpatient, and pain-deadening dental treatment

√ Repatriation for medical reasons

√ Medically prescribed medications, dressings, and remedies

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Your advantages with Care Concept

  • Outpatient treatment by doctors and medical specialists
  • Inpatient treatment at a hospital
  • Pain-relieving dental treatment, incl. simple fillings and repair of dental prosthesis
  • Medically prescribed medications, dressings, and remedies
  • transportation costs to the nearest hospital for medical reasons
  • transport in case of death/burial costs abroad up to EUR 10,000.00
  • medically prescribed return up to EUR 10,000.00
  • maximum benefit: EUR 50,000.00 per contract.

*For a complete list of benefits, see the insurance conditions.

How much does it cost?

The Care Visa Protect international insurance premium depends on the duration and age. For those between 0 and 64 years old, the total fee for 30 days, for example, amounts to one time €25.50.

Single Premium Health Insurance

  • Up to 64 years of age: EUR 0.85 / Day
  • 65 – 74 Years: EUR 2.60 / Day

Minimum premium per person: €8.50

Yearly Premium Health Insurance “Multiple Visa

For any number of travelers for a maximum period of up to 92 days per insured year

  • Ip to 64 years of age: EUR 110.00 / Year
  • 65 – 74 Years: EUR 215.00 / Year

Allianz Travel Insurance

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The travel insurance packages from Allianz Travel combine all important benefits in one insurance policy. This way, several risks are covered, such as a trip cancellation or interruption, loss of luggage during the trip or illness abroad. In the complete cover, you also receive travel accident and travel liability insurance.

Our travel insurance packages always include the following services:

Travel Cancellation Insurance
Travel interruption insurance
International health insurance
Medically advisable return transport
Travel assistance

What do the travel insurance packages include?

  • An important component of travel insurance packages is travel cancellation insurance. It ensures that you do not have to pay the cancellation costs yourself if you fall ill before your vacation, change jobs or a relative falls ill or dies.
  • The international health insurance reimburses you for the costs of doctor and hospital visits or medication abroad (max. 90 days per trip). The costs and organization of a return transport are also covered, if this is medically reasonable and justifiable.
  • Other insurance benefits such as travel accident and travel liability insurance complement your travel protection to a complete package.
What is insured?What is not insured?
✓ Travel Cancellation Insurance
✓ Travel assistance
✓ Travel interruption insurance
✓ Baggage insurance (not included in all packages)
✓ Travel health insurance incl. repatriation (only included in packages with international health insurance)
✓ Travel accident and travel liability insurance (only included in complete coverage)
✓ Autoschutzbrief insurance (only included in GuteFahrt package)
X Existing illnesses that were last treated within the last six months prior to conclusion of insurance.
X Relapse of a mental illness, provided the last relapse did not occur at least three years ago, and addictive disorders
X Medical treatment and other medically ordered measures for which you knew before the start of the insured period that they were necessary or which you had to expect according to the circumstances known to you
X Examinations or medical care due to the loss of or damage to hearing aids, dentures, eyeglasses and contact lenses
X Accidents due to mental or consciousness disorders, strokes, seizures; this also applies if the condition is due to alcohol or drugs
X Liability claims between insured persons traveling together

Who should get international health insurance?

International health insurance is primarily aimed at people who live abroad and for whom it is not foreseeable when they will return to Germany. For emigrants, it is possible to take out health insurance with a local insurance company in their new home country, and international health insurance is a good alternative.

The second large target group is expats sent abroad by their employer to establish or manage company branches. An expat stay usually lasts for several years, but it is limited in time, unlike emigration.

However, international health insurance is insufficient if the residence is in Germany, and global health insurance does not meet Germany’s criteria for private health insurance (PKV). For example, no age reserves are formed, and no long-term care insurance is included. If you live in Germany, you must be insured either in the GVK (statutory health insurance) or PKV (private health insurance).

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When does it make sense to take out international health insurance?

International health insurance is primarily aimed at people who live abroad temporarily / permanently and for whom it is not foreseeable when they will return to Germany. It includes above all the group of emigrants. Although it is also conceivable for emigrants to take out health insurance with a local insurance company in their new home country, this is not always possible. Especially in countries with only controversial (state) health systems and private supplementary insurance are unavoidable, international health insurance is a good alternative.

The second large target group is expats sent abroad by their employer to set up or manage company branches. An expat stay usually lasts several years, but it is limited in time, unlike emigration.

If you live in Germany, you must be insured in the GVK (statutory health insurance) or PKV (private health insurance).

Health insurance abroad vs. long-term health insurance abroad

A frequently asked question is the difference between international health insurance and long-term health insurance abroad. After all, there are long-term plans for health insurance abroad that allow for multi-year stays abroad and are also very inexpensive.

In contrast to health insurance abroad, health insurance abroad does not only cover “emergency care in case of illness.” Depending on the selected plan, the international health insurance can provide significantly more up to a “full health insurance.” I.e., your coverage plan can cover preventive examinations/health checks and things like vaccinations, eye tests, and dental prostheses. In addition, with foreign health insurance, residence abroad is not a problem, which is not always the case with foreign health insurance.

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Anyone who becomes subject to compulsory insurance again because their income falls below the mandatory limit can be exempted from compulsory insurance. Private insured persons who become unemployed or take up a part-time job can also be exempted. Once exempt, it is almost impossible to return to the statutory health insurance system. After 55, it is impossible to switch from private to statutory health insurance.

Salaried employees and blue-collar workers whose earned income are below the compulsory insurance threshold are mandatory members of the statutory health insurance funds. They cannot take out comprehensive private insurance, and those who wish to be private patients can opt for private supplementary insurance to the statutory one.