9 Facts about ‘Abmeldung’

How to deregister in Germany

If you are leaving Germany and moving to another country, then you must deregister. The deregistration (Abmeldung) can also be done after you have left. Ideally, though, you do it a few days or weeks before your departure.

Here you can deregister in Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg or Stuttgart, or another city in Germany online.

#1 Who must deregister?

If you leave Germany and move to another place then you must deregister your residence (Wohnsitz abmelden). This applies to everyone. Germans and foreigners alike. If you leave Germany, then you must deregister.

If you have never registered in Germany (anmelden), then you don’t need to deregister.

#2 When to deregister in Germany?

Normally you should deregister before you leave Germany. Ideally, you should send off the deregistration form 3-4 weeks before leaving Germany.

Why? Because once you deregister, you receive a document that confirms your deregistration (‘Abmeldebescheinigung‘ or ‘Abmeldebestätigung‘). You need this document to cancel running contracts in Germany. It allows you to cancel contracts before they would normally end. You must send a copy of this deregistration form to any company at which you would like to end a contract. The end of all your contracts will be the day of your departure, which you must indicate on the deregistration form.

#3 I forgot to deregister. I have already left Germany. Is it too late?

If you have left Germany without deregistering then… don’t panic! It is okay if you have forgotten about the deregistration in Germany.

Luckily for you, the deregistration process in Germany is super easy. You can simply fill out the deregistration form online. Then send it to Germany with an international letter. You must send it to the registration office (Bürgeramt/ Einwohnermeldebörde) in the city where you used to live.

The downside is that the registration offices (Bürgeramt/ Einwohnermeldebörde) don’t always send the confirmation of your deregistration (Abmeldebestätigung) to an international address. If you want to make that you successfully deregistered, then you should simply call the registration office where you have sent the deregistration form. They can confirm via telephone whether you are listed as deregistered.

However, if you absolutely need the Abmeldebestätigung then…. it’s a bit trickier! What you can do is the following: Ask your former employer or a friend in Germany, if it’s okay if the deregistration confirmation is sent to their address. Once they receive it, then can always post it to you or send it via email!

So if you want the deregistration confirmation be sent to another address in Germany, do the following: Add this extra note in the deregistration letter:

“Bitte senden Sie die Abmeldebestätigung an folgende Adresse in Deutschland: (Adresse)” – English translation, Please send the deregistration confirmation form to this address in Germany: (Address)

#4 Get all documents for your German ‘Abmeldung’ (deregistration)

What documents do you need for the deregistration (Abmeldung) in Germany?

To successfully deregister in Germany you must fill out these papers:

1. deregistration form (Abmeldeformular)

2. landlord confirmation form (Vermieterbescheinigung / Einzugsbestätigung) – this must be signed by your landlord

Fill them out in English on our deregistration page. After completing the deregistration form on our website, you automatically get an email with 1. filled-out deregistration form 2. landlord confirmation form.

#5 Okay, so how do I deregister in Germany?

Deregistration is probably the easiest bureaucratic step in Germany. Maybe that’s because Germany wants you to remember the good sides :)

So. You’re wondering how to deregister in Deutschland. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Fill out deregistration form & landlord confirmation form.
  2. Print both forms.
  3. Your landlord must sign the landlord confirmation form.
  4. Send both forms to the local German registration office (Bürgeramt / Einwohnermeldebehörde). Alternatively, you can take it there in person.
Deregister now

#6 Where do I send the deregistration form?

You must send the deregistration letter to the registration office in the city where you are registered in Germany. If you are registered in Berlin, then you must also deregister in Berlin. It doesn’t matter where in Berlin. Any registration office will do.

In smaller cities there is usually only one registration office.

How to find out where your nearest registration office is located in your city:
Google ‘your city (+ district) + Bürgeramt’ or ‘your city + district + Einwohnermeldebehörde’. Bürgeramt and Einwohnermeldebehörde are both two official terms that mean “registration office”. Some cities call it one, some the other way. Once you google it, the address should immediately appear on Google, or in one of the first few search results.

If you want to deregister in Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg or Stuttgart, use our deregistration form. Then you don’t need to look up the registration office. We have already printed the address on your deregistration letter.

#7 How do I get a ‘Abmeldebestätigung’ (deregistration confirmation)

An ‘Abmeldebestätigung‘ is an official German document that confirms that you have deregistered in Germany. This document is very important. If you leave Germany and forget to deregister, you may still be liable to pay tax in Germany. This is because, in theory, everyone who is registered to live in Germany, also has to pay tax there. If you are registered in two countries at the same time, you should check where you are required to pay tax.

In order to get your Abmeldebestätigung, you simply have to fill out the so-called deregistration document (Abmeldung) as well as a certificate by your landlord (Auszugsbestätigung / Vermieterbescheinigung). Send both forms to your nearest German registration office. This is explained in more detail further above.

#8 How can I know that my deregistration was successful?

You know that your deregistration was successful, if you receive a deregistration confirmation (Abmeldebestätigung).

If you did not receive a deregistration confirmation (Abmeldebestätigung), then you can call the registration office where you sent the deregistration letter. They can tell you on the phone whether you are listed as deregistered in their computer.

To find out the telephone number of the registration office, google ‘your city + Bürgeramt Telefon’.

Abmeldung in Berlin

#9 Do I have to deregister, if I move to another address within Germany?

If you move within Germany, then you don’t have to deregister your old German address. You simply have to register the new address. This process is called ‘Ummeldung’, literally ‘re-registration‘. 

When you register a new address, your old address is automatically deregistered – unless, of course, it’s a second address and you live at both places.

Even if you just move down the street, you still have to register your new residence. There is no way around this. You must be registered at the address where you are actually living.

Here you can register your new address (ummelden).

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